Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Magical Draping - Ralph & Russo

When it comes to dramatically draping fabric, I have been amazed by Ralph & Russo. This satin corset gown is from Autumn/Winter 2015/2016 collection.  It is absolute perfection.

Autumn Winter 2015 / 2016 Lookbook

If you haven't heard of Ralph & Russo yet, you will.  This British design house founded in 2007 and they are taking the fashion world by storm.  

Ralph & Russo site

Friday, August 19, 2016

What's was Old is New Again - Cape Coat

Dita Von Teese is on of my one of my favorite fashion muses.  She blends vintage and modern effortlessly while always looking like a lady.  
Here she is spotted strolling through a modern vintage cape coat by Buzz Feed.

Here is my inspiration from vintage cape coats. 
I think I may need to add a cape coat to my wardrobe for the upcoming 2 days of winter 
in Florida!
For more cape coat inspiration, 
I included some other sources:

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Worst Shoes Ever

Worst Shoes Ever!  Wow!  I never thought I would say that out loud, much less write about it.  If you read this blog from time to time (because let's be honest, I only post from time to time), you are well aware that I seldom meet a pair of shoes that I don't like.  

Miu Miu shoes

I came across this outfit in a Net-A-Porter email.  I love the Miu Miu jacket and dress.  What a perfect fall look.  But the shoes?  Really?  If you don't believe me here is the link to 
Net-A-Porter Miu Miu shop.

Love the outfit
Miu Miu is a subsidiary of the Italian brand,  Prada.  Prada has been around forever, but Miu Miu was established in 1993.  

Me at the Prada store on Rodeo Drive

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Christian Louboutin Mandolina Bootie

Christian Louboutin is more of an artist than a simple shoe maker.  
This Christian Louboutin patent leather bootie has caught my eye.  

The Mandolina Laser-cut Mesh Bootie is no longer available at the official website, and it is sold out at Neiman Marcus and Bergoff Goodman websites.  In fact, the only place I can find it for sale is on eBay.  Even though it retails at $1400, it must be a very popular shoe!  I suppose I not the only person who loves it!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Black Pumps - The LBD of Shoes

The classic black pump is the little black dress (LBD) of the shoe world.  This is the shoe that can be worn anywhere with almost anything.  It is timeless and classic.  

I put together a collection of black pumps ranging with prices that whose prices range from "more than my car payment" to "I can buy that".  

Christian Louibiton $675
Jimmy Choo - $595

Kate Spade $298
Shultz $179
Aldo $90
Jessica Simpson
To learn how to wear these shoes with comfort visit my blog post Wearing High Heels Painlessly

One of my style icons and author of The Little Black Book of Style Nina Garcia says “you should have at least one classic high heel that you can rely on”.  The black pump is by far the most reliable piece to complete your look in a classic and sophisticated way.

I hope this inspires you.

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Monday, February 15, 2016

Wearing High Heels Painlessly

It is no secret that I love high heeled shoes. But the pain that comes along with wearing them? Not so much. You can imagine my delight when I ran across an article from Who What Wear.

Who What Wear states the taping your 3rd and 4th toes together can alleviate pain when wearing high heels. Why? There is a nerve that runs between the 3rd and 4th toes, and taping these toes together removes the strain on this nerve. 
Sounds too good to be true? I felt compelled to do more research. The name for this condition is Morton's Neuroma. According to, Morton’s Neuroma. is a common foot problem associated with pain, swelling and/or an inflammation of a nerve, usually at the ball-of-the-foot between the 3rd and 4th toes.Wearing high heels regularly can aggravate this condition.

According to Vinod Panchbavi, MD writing for excessive loading on the front of the foot can cause neuroma to develop. 
In addition to taping the 3rd and 4th to together, according to WebMD and the American Podiatric Association, “Cushion, cushion, cushion”. Cushioning can relive pain on the ball of the foot and prevent damage. It is also interesting to note, the as we age, we loose fatty deposits on the bottom of our foot, which makes cushioning all the more necessary. 
You better believe I am going to tape my toes and put some cushion inserts on my favorite high heels and see how it works!  Please feel free to comment on this and let us all know your results!


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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Nina Garcia's Rule 3 - How to Buy with Drama

In previous blogs I have been talking about Nina Garcia's book   The Little Black Book of Style.  
In The Little Black Book of Style she shares the  the 6 basic rules that every style icon already knows: 

2.  Invest in the bones

3. How to buy with drama

Drama?  I know what you are saying, "I have spent a lifetime avoiding drama - now you want me to bring drama into my wardrobe?"  Okay, maybe a little poetic license is required here.  There is a difference between "drama" and "dramatic".  What Ms. Garcia means is to buy pieces dramatically gorgeous, one of a kind, "OMG where did you get that?" kind of pieces.  

Ms. Garcia says, you will know it when you see it, and when you see it don't be afraid to splurge.  
But a few words of caution before you set out to splurge, make sure that dramatic pieces matches your personal style.  If you are going to splurge, make sure it is a timeless piece, and not something too trendy.  Something that you will wear for years to come.  That amazing signature piece that everybody talks about. 

And where, you ask, can I possible find this amazing piece?  Boutiques, thrift stores, one-of-a-kind shops, be adventurous.  Who doesn't browse local boutiques when they travel?  Forget the tacky t-shirts and look for something amazing.  I have to admit, some of my favorite pieces I found while travelling.  

What kind of pieces you ask?  

Jewelry - cocktail rings, bracelets

Purses, Evening Bags

Little Black Dress

and my personal favorite:

We have 3 more stylist tips to go!  Please check back, or click a link to follow this blog, so you will not miss a thing!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Nina Garcia's Rule 2 - What every Style Icon has in her Closet.

In The Basics Rules of Style - from Nina Garcia - Rule 1 I introduced Nina Garcia's book The Little Black Book of Style.  

In The Little Black Book of Style she shares the  the 6 basic rules that every style icon already knows: 

1.  How to edit

2.  Invest in the bones

Bones?   The bones are the essential staples that go with almost everything, never go out of style, and are "enduringly chic".  These are the basics, and with the right accessories, an outfit can be built around. These items can go from day to night, and are the basics for your travel wardrobe.  

The "bones"are the items you splurge on. You want the quality of and the garment to be evident. When you build your wardrobe around the bones, it makes the getting dressed so much simpler. With the right bones, you never have to be concerned if your outfit is in style, because you have built your wardrobe around timeless styles.  

1.  The Little Black Dress

Coco Chanel is credited with bringing the LBD into the forefront of fashion.  I posted Chanel and Brief History of the LBD early in 2014.  The right LBD is the perfect way to look effortlessly sophisticated.  The LBD does not detract from all of your best features, it enhances them.  Sandra Bullock, wearing minimal accessories is simply amazing in a LBD.

2.  A Classic Men's White Shirt. 

A simple white men's dress shirt is versatile and can be paired with jeans, pants of any color, or a skirt.   Fashion designer icon Carolina Herrara embodies the "crisp simplicity" of the classic white men's shirt.   The classic men's white shirt is a blank canvas, and all that you need to add is the right accessories.

3.  Cashmere Cardigan.

Simple let classic. It can be worn over anything, perfect for office or a chilly restaurant.  Don't be afraid of color when choosing one.  

This is not the complete list of the essential items that every style icon needs to have.  The list will continue...

Photo Credits:
Nina Garcia:
Little Black Dress:
Classic White Men's Shirt:
Cashmere Cardigan:

Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Basics Rules of Style - from Nina Garcia - Rule 1

Nina Garcia is the Fashion Director of Elle Magazine and appears on Project Runway.  She also published The Little Black Book of Style.  This book is all about having the confidence to be your own stylist.  I highly recommend this reading this book from cover to cover.

Nina Garcia outlines the 6 basic rules that every style icon already knows.  

1.  How to edit

Editing is all about cleaning out your closet, if you don't wear it, if it does not fit, or if it does not look good on you, or if it was a  past trend that is clearly over, donate it to charity, give it away, sell it on eBay, or just throw it out. 

Editing is difficult an maybe somewhat painful, but it needs to be done.  You may have that prom dress that has sentimental value.  It is only taking up valuable space in your closet.  Consider cleaning out your closet like weeding a garden to make the beautiful flowers more visible.  

I am going to go overall 6 basic style rules, but like a  decadent dessert on cheat day, these tips are made to be savored not gulped down in 1 bite.  More tips to follow.

As Yves Saint Laurent said "Fashions fade style is eternal"

Photo credits:
Nina Garcia -
80's Prom Dress -

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fashions Fade but Syle is Eternal - Yves Saint Laurent

During an interview in 1975 with artist Andy Warhol, fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent  is credited as saying "fashions fade style is eternal".   Thank you Yves Saint Laurent, that statement is not only timeless, but a guideline for styling.

The problem is some people do not understand the difference between style and fashion.  Style is knowing yourself, what works for you, what looks good on you, what makes you feel good, what is appropriate?  Fashion, well, it changes on a whim.  What was fashionable this year, may not be next year.  (Think high-wasted pants.)

In 2010 I had posted 10 Commandments for Fashionistas.  

1. Just because they make in your size, does not mean you should wear it.
2. There is a difference between tailored and tight. Recognize it.
3. Buy a full-length mirror and use it, daily.
4. Athletic shoes belong in the gym.
5. If you have not changed your hair style in the past 10 or 15 years, you hair is probably out of style.
6. If you hairstyle involves a Scrunchie, your hairstyle is probably out of style.
7. Bling shirt are out.
8. Nobody wants to see your bra straps.
9. The same goes for your thong.
10. A beautiful smile is your best accessory.

That blog post was intended to point out some basic styling rules, so you know what not to do.  But what do you do?  With that in mind I have decided to start a series of styling blogs, because it is one thing to point out what is wrong, but how do we replace it with what is right?  

Your comments are always welcome. 

Photo Credits:
Andy Warhol of Yves Saint Laurent The 50 Best Artist Collaborations in Fashion