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Nina Garcia's Rule 2 - What every Style Icon has in her Closet.

In The Basics Rules of Style - from Nina Garcia - Rule 1 I introduced Nina Garcia's book The Little Black Book of Style.  

In The Little Black Book of Style she shares the  the 6 basic rules that every style icon already knows: 

1.  How to edit

2.  Invest in the bones

Bones?   The bones are the essential staples that go with almost everything, never go out of style, and are "enduringly chic".  These are the basics, and with the right accessories, an outfit can be built around. These items can go from day to night, and are the basics for your travel wardrobe.  

The "bones"are the items you splurge on. You want the quality of and the garment to be evident. When you build your wardrobe around the bones, it makes the getting dressed so much simpler. With the right bones, you never have to be concerned if your outfit is in style, because you have built your wardrobe around timeless styles.  

1.  The Little Black Dress

Coco Chanel is credited with bringing the LBD into the forefront of fashion.  I posted Chanel and Brief History of the LBD early in 2014.  The right LBD is the perfect way to look effortlessly sophisticated.  The LBD does not detract from all of your best features, it enhances them.  Sandra Bullock, wearing minimal accessories is simply amazing in a LBD.

2.  A Classic Men's White Shirt. 

A simple white men's dress shirt is versatile and can be paired with jeans, pants of any color, or a skirt.   Fashion designer icon Carolina Herrara embodies the "crisp simplicity" of the classic white men's shirt.   The classic men's white shirt is a blank canvas, and all that you need to add is the right accessories.

3.  Cashmere Cardigan.

Simple let classic. It can be worn over anything, perfect for office or a chilly restaurant.  Don't be afraid of color when choosing one.  

This is not the complete list of the essential items that every style icon needs to have.  The list will continue...

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