Saturday, September 12, 2015

Nina Garcia's Rule 3 - How to Buy with Drama

In previous blogs I have been talking about Nina Garcia's book   The Little Black Book of Style.  
In The Little Black Book of Style she shares the  the 6 basic rules that every style icon already knows: 

2.  Invest in the bones

3. How to buy with drama

Drama?  I know what you are saying, "I have spent a lifetime avoiding drama - now you want me to bring drama into my wardrobe?"  Okay, maybe a little poetic license is required here.  There is a difference between "drama" and "dramatic".  What Ms. Garcia means is to buy pieces dramatically gorgeous, one of a kind, "OMG where did you get that?" kind of pieces.  

Ms. Garcia says, you will know it when you see it, and when you see it don't be afraid to splurge.  
But a few words of caution before you set out to splurge, make sure that dramatic pieces matches your personal style.  If you are going to splurge, make sure it is a timeless piece, and not something too trendy.  Something that you will wear for years to come.  That amazing signature piece that everybody talks about. 

And where, you ask, can I possible find this amazing piece?  Boutiques, thrift stores, one-of-a-kind shops, be adventurous.  Who doesn't browse local boutiques when they travel?  Forget the tacky t-shirts and look for something amazing.  I have to admit, some of my favorite pieces I found while travelling.  

What kind of pieces you ask?  

Jewelry - cocktail rings, bracelets

Purses, Evening Bags

Little Black Dress

and my personal favorite:

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